Angels Floated In….

Just as our lone sunflower plant came into beautiful, full bloom….a group of angels floated in to help us with our fall clean-up. Forecast was for cold, rainy weather but we were blessed with blue skies and warm temperatures. It was a perfect day to be out in the gardens.

Thank you to our dear volunteers – Jaya, Murali, Taslim, Naren and Edward who spent the afternoon with us, raking and cleaning the gardens and yard.  We appreciate you giving so generously of your time on such a beautiful afternoon!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Everyone who works, volunteers, visits and is a member of Wellspring appreciates your commitment to Wellspring Calgary. You help make Wellspring a better place for all of us.

Thank you also to two of my dearest angels – Laura and Don, who have been by my side all summer, working tirelessly and tending the garden and trees with so much care and love.






Harvest Day

On Thursday, under beautiful blue skies, we harvested some of the Wellspring garden – carrots, beets, beans, lavender and zucchini. Oh, there is nothing quite so delicious as eating a carrot fresh from the garden. Thank you Armel, Christiane, and Don for helping bring in some of our harvest. It was a perfect day to be out in the gardens….



…and then we welcomed the sound of the native drums with Chantelle leading us in several songs in the drum circle. There is something so pure and powerful about the sound of the drum. We gathered on the patio and enjoyed the drum sounds filling the garden. Thank you Chantelle for blessing our gardens and for giving us an insight into drumming and its importance and significance in your culture.



Thank you everyone for your wonderful and special dishes for our harvest potluck. It was a delicious day! Thank you!


“There is only one happiness in life. To love and be loved” George Sand

I have been away in the mountains to celebrate a very special occasion. Our son and his fiancee were married last weekend. A time of love and laughter…and very happy tears.


So I haven’t been on this blog for a couple of weeks. I have been meaning to share our gratitude to another fantastic group from the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council who shared a morning gardening with us. It was amazing how much work we got done and they were all such good sports to spend the entire time on their hands and knees pulling weeds and more weeds. Thank you to Chimine, Debjani, Armel, José, Raymond, and Yogita. Wellspring is so blessed to have you as volunteers. Thank you also to Laura, Christiane, Don, Teresa and Nancy. We hope all of our volunteers join us September 8 for our harvest potluck. We hope you can join us!


A Very Special Evening


Last night, Don and I attended a special evening at Wellspring Calgary, ‘Resilience and Hope’, with two incredible speakers, Barbara Cunnings-Versaevel (Wellspring Calgary Co-founder) and Sydney Cyngiser, holocaust survivor. It was an amazing evening, one I will not forget for a very long time. I felt the speakers pain and was humbled by their strength. Thank you to both Barbara and Sydney for sharing their personal journey with us. I came home inspired by their story of hope, of not giving up, of facing their adversities with honesty, compassion and strength.

A Thousand Thank you’s

20160818_100527Today we had a wonderful group of 11 volunteers from Homes by Avi, who spent the morning working in our gardens. The lawn has never looked so good! We had volunteers scrubbing and washing all of our yoga mats, deadheading the gardens and pots, sweeping and cleaning the deck, and weeding on their hands and knees! Homes by Avi – thank you for all of your work this morning. You are an amazing group! Thank you Olivia, Cindy, Carla, Kim, Joanne, Meagan, Terry, Rebecca, Samantha, Carrema and Nicole, as well as Laura, Don, Teresa and Nancy.

Muchas Gracias


Thank you to the wonderful group of volunteers that we had last week, deadheading, trimming and weeding the garden and lawn areas. The place looks better every week, thanks to all of you! A big thank you to Jose, Tina, Bola, Armel, Seyi, Christiane, Laura, Don, Teresa and Nancy. I am so grateful to you all!