The gardens survived

The gardens survived the hail, high winds, storms, and tornado warnings that we have had the last couple of weeks. I know some gardens in the city did not fair as well, but luckily at Wellspring, our gardens were spared.

Here is a walk through of what has been blooming the last two weeks. The colors have been tremendous.


Here in the garden

We are back here in the garden and it feels so good. Through this unprecendented time, I hope you have all been able to keep safe and healthy. Since Wellspring is unable to open this season, due to COVID-19, I will share images from the garden here, throughout the season, so that you will still be able to take a walk through the garden.

Take a deep breath…..and now, let’s start our walk…

IMG_5538 (1)




As Thanksgiving approaches…

I am reminded of how fortunate we are. For the wonderful staff and volunteers at Wellspring Calgary and the beautiful, warm, and loving “home” they provide.

I am most grateful to all of the volunteers who have helped us over the season in Wellspring Calgary’s garden. To my husband Don – thank you for being there every week, ensuring all areas were getting adequate water, for all those holes you dug, plants you hauled, weeds you pulled, and jokes you made! To Laura – you always do such a wonderful job keeping all of our bushes tidy and trimmed. Thanks for your hard work and time you have given to the gardens. To Ana, May, Bart, and Candice – thank you for all of the digging, watering, deadheading, weed pulling, and planting you did all summer. Thank you Candice and May for looking after our “angel wings” over the winter. To all the front desk volunteers and weekend volunteers, who watered our annual pots every day – Thank you so much! You helped keep them looking beautiful all summer long. And thank you Stantec for sending the “best team ever” of ten volunteers to us. It was awesome working with your group and with them, we accomplished so much. Thank you also to my grandchildren, Hendrix and Poppy for gracing our gardens with your love. After you planted kisses in the garden, the plants flourished beautifully! (the best plant fertilizer ever!)

Thank you to Wellspring staff Nancy and Bobbi for always being there for us and for all of your support. Nancy, thank you for all of the volunteers you brought to us and for organizing the Stantec volunteer group. We appreciate both of you for your support and love – thank you!

And as Thanksgiving approaches, I want to thank one other person – Wellspring Calgary’s executive director, Patti. The love, support, and leadership that you provide us all is truly special. Thank you Patti.

Have a beautiful, warm and lovely Thanksgiving everyone. Here is  “A Good Day” by Brother Steindl-Rast – he says it perfectly. click here

With my gratitude











A Wonderful Day of Volunteers

This week we had a tremendous group of volunteers – ten volunteers from STANTEC! We couldn’t have asked for a more amazing, hard-working group. We were fortunate to have such beautiful weather to help us work in the gardens all afternoon. Thank you to STANTEC’s volunteers, we were able to get everything done in the garden to prepare for the winter season. The yard looks wonderful now and we are so grateful to these volunteers. STANTEC – what a wonderful group of volunteers you gifted us with this week. We could not have done all of this work in one afternoon, if it wasn’t for you! It was great working with all of you. Thank you very much.

Also thank you to our Wellspring volunteers who helped us all afternoon. You all are deeply appreciated – Laura, Candice and Don.