I Met This Amazing Person

Last week, I met this amazing person – a young man who came to volunteer in the gardens. He was young and had this incredible joy and excitement about gardening. After seeing our garden, he drove home and quickly brought back two tomato plants that he had started from seed – a cherry tomato and a “nonna” tomato. He also planted a butternut squash plant that he had started. Honestly, I could feel his joy and this joy made me almost feel like weeping in the middle of the garden.

Dear Father

Although my own father passed away many years ago, he is still with me in many ways. He is the one who taught me about gardening and without a spoken word, he taught me how to love the garden. As a young girl, I would watch him as he worked amongst the rows and I could sense he had this special connection to that plot of land. He worked hard out there but it fed his soul. He taught me, in his quiet way, to love this work.  So when I am out in my garden, in my glory, I often feel my Dad is with me.

Happy Father’s Day Dad and to all the great and wonderful fathers out there!


Thank you

Thank you to the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council volunteers who helped us in the gardens this week. We had a very productive day in the gardens. We got alot of weeds pulled, dirt hauled and spread, shrubs planted and cleaned many of the beds. The gardens are looking so much better thanks to all you kind souls for giving your morning to Wellspring. We couldn’t do this without you, so thank you so much.

My thanks to Jaya, Andrea, Khaleda, Samsun, Mehul and Sneha and also to our volunteers Laura, Sara, Anna and Don for giving so much of your time to help us in the gardens. They are looking beautiful – thanks to all of you!


It is time

IMG_2522It is time for the peonies to burst open, sharing their beauty with us. The peonies at Wellspring are about to open and I can’t wait to see them. If you are out on a walk, keep your eyes out for them. I was at the Calgary Zoo on the weekend and managed some time in their gardens. This peony greeted me! I hope to go back next week to see what other colors and marvels I will find!

The moment we are in…

We are often reminded to enjoy the moment that we are in. But it is difficult sometimes when there is so much happening in our lives and so much to do. Somehow, when I am in the garden, time does seem to disappear and something else takes over. I am in a different world and realm when I am there.

I am grateful for these moments.