Happy New Year!

Happy New Years everyone!

I hope your 2017 is filled with many blessings!

I am currently gardening in Arizona but still dream of the Canadian springtime when I can bring in the ‘New Year’ in the gardens. It is always a very special time of year. I await for it patiently.

For now, it is grapefruit and lemon trees – a real delight.
Happy 2017 to each of you, with love.



The blue sky and autumn

As I look out my window, the blue sky is everywhere. It is beautiful. There are still some autumn leaves on the trees and the larch tree next door is still brilliant yellow. My  gardens are all put to rest now for the winter and there is a feeling of completion, of satisfaction, of gratitude. Another good season.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers from the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council who helped us throughout the summer – a huge thank you to  Jaya, Murali, Taslim, Edward, Debjani, Armel, José, Raymond, Yogita, Tina, Bola, Seyi, Chimezie, Chineme, Khan and Dapo. And a big thank you to Homes by Avi for helping us with their day of caring – Olivia, Cindy, Carla, Kim, Joanne, Meagan, Terry, Rebecca, Samantha, Carrema and Nicole. You all were such a huge help in making the gardens so beautiful all summer! Thank you for your kindness in giving up all of those hours and mornings helping us out.

And to all the volunteers who kindly watered the flower pots ALL summer, during the week and the weekends. Our flowers were kept beautiful all summer because of you. I am so grateful to each and every one of you.

And I couldn’t end this page without mentioning my deepest gratitude to Laura, Don, Christiane, Paul, Nancy and Teresa for all of their help and support all season. Have a beautiful winter season and hopefully I will see some of you in these pages over the winter.

With gratitude



It is Thanksgiving weekend and before anything else, I want to thank you for joining me on this blog. We are blanketed in our first snowfall and cold temperatures, but isn’t it all relative? As by mid winter, this amount of snow and temperature would feel almost “balmy!” But the gardens are covered in snow….I can barely see my sweetpeas now!

Last Thursday, Christiane, Don and I cleaned the garden beds and pulled the last carrots and beets from the garden. It was a pleasantly warm day and felt really good to be harvesting the garden. I am thankful as the following day, the snow started falling along with the temperatures. Thank you Christiane and Don for helping with the last harvest.

Hope this weekend you all stay snuggled and warm and with people you love close by.

I am thankful for so many things but most of all, my family….
…..and of course, my gardens.

Thank you everyone. With love


Angels Floated In….

Just as our lone sunflower plant came into beautiful, full bloom….a group of angels floated in to help us with our fall clean-up. Forecast was for cold, rainy weather but we were blessed with blue skies and warm temperatures. It was a perfect day to be out in the gardens.

Thank you to our dear volunteers – Jaya, Murali, Taslim, Naren and Edward who spent the afternoon with us, raking and cleaning the gardens and yard.  We appreciate you giving so generously of your time on such a beautiful afternoon!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Everyone who works, volunteers, visits and is a member of Wellspring appreciates your commitment to Wellspring Calgary. You help make Wellspring a better place for all of us.

Thank you also to two of my dearest angels – Laura and Don, who have been by my side all summer, working tirelessly and tending the garden and trees with so much care and love.






Harvest Day

On Thursday, under beautiful blue skies, we harvested some of the Wellspring garden – carrots, beets, beans, lavender and zucchini. Oh, there is nothing quite so delicious as eating a carrot fresh from the garden. Thank you Armel, Christiane, and Don for helping bring in some of our harvest. It was a perfect day to be out in the gardens….



…and then we welcomed the sound of the native drums with Chantelle leading us in several songs in the drum circle. There is something so pure and powerful about the sound of the drum. We gathered on the patio and enjoyed the drum sounds filling the garden. Thank you Chantelle for blessing our gardens and for giving us an insight into drumming and its importance and significance in your culture.



Thank you everyone for your wonderful and special dishes for our harvest potluck. It was a delicious day! Thank you!