I have so many people to thank for helping me in the Wellspring garden this year. Even though our weather this year had its challenges, it was a great growing season. We harvested wonderful carrots, cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, basil, and kale. And the flower blooms were stunning – with our black irises, cobalt blue gentians, bright yellow rudbeckias, fuchsia peonies and my all time favorite, the white Annabelle hydrangeas. The roses were also spectacular this year, as well as the climbing clematis. The garden was filled with color and joy from spring until a few days ago, when we received our first winter snow storm. (Now our gardens are blanketed in snow!)

I would like to thank Wellspring’s staff members, Nancy and Bobbi for their ongoing support and assistance all summer – helping to coordinate our corporate volunteer groups, our garden harvest potluck, and organizing and recruiting volunteers for our garden throughout the entire season. Thank you Nancy and Bobbi!

Thank you also to all of our dear members who came many weeks to help in the garden. It was a joy having you join us. Thank you for helping make our garden so beautiful.

We also had so many other Wellsrping volunteers who helped with the garden – all of the front desk volunteers who watered all of our pots all summer. I cannot thank you enough for your daily commitment to keep our flower pots watered. Without you, the flowers would have withered in those 30 above C days! So thank you so much! And to our volunteers who came on the weekends to water – thank you! Many of those weekends had such high temperatures, so your watering saved us!

We had several wonderful corporate volunteer groups that helped us this summer. Thank you to the volunteers from the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council, Husky Retirees and Stantec. You were all so awesome and hard working. Because of you, we were able to accomplish so much this summer. Thank you for giving up those hours and helping us so much!

Thank you to my grandchildren Hendrix and Poppy for helping us in the gardens this summer. You gave us expert advice and we always love it when you join us in the gardens! Next year we will have to bring grandson Beckham to the gardens as I have a feeling he also, will be able to teach us many things!

I have two volunteers left to thank, and it is no easy task to thank them, as they have done SO much for the gardens and helped me tremendously. I couldn’t have gardened without them and the gardens would not have looked like they did, if it wasn’t for these two volunteers – Laura Proctor and Don Murphy. Thank you to you both for working so hard all summer – for your commitment, knowledge and the countless hours that you gave to Wellspring and to me.

As our Thanksgiving weekend approaches, I am filled with gratitude for all of you who have graced the Wellspring gardens with your volunteer hours, hard work, and enthusiasm.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all
love to you all


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Stantec Volunteers

Last Friday, five Stantec volunteers braved the cold temperatures and helped us rake leaves and haul branches after our caragana hedges were trimmed, We filled two truckloads with branches! I am sure there were a few muscles hurting that night! Thank you so much Stantec for coming back again this year and helping us with this huge job! Thank you Lori, Alison, Vladi, Lindy and John. We certainly couldn’t have accomplished all of this without you!



Garden Harvest

We had a beautiful garden harvest last week at Wellspring and what a wonderful crew of volunteers we had to bring in the produce. Thank you to everyone who volunteered last week. We had perfect weather, in between the days of rain last week. Our tomato harvest was a bumper crop and the beans were DELICIOUS!

We all enjoyed a harvest lunch after. Thank you to everyone who brought a dish and came to share with us. It was a great season.

Thank you all! (A couple of people were missing from this photo and I wish to thank them also.)


Thank you Husky Retirees!

Thank you to the wonderful Husky Retirees who volunteered their day, to help us at Wellspring last week. With eight enthusiastic and hard working volunteers, a lot of tree pruning was accomplished, making the yard look so much better. Thank you Laura for your hard work and for leading this group and to the Husky Retirees – thank you so much for helping make the Wellspring yard look so good. We appreciate all of your time, hard work and generosity.


My grandchildren

Sometimes, we as adults, think we are teaching our children or grandchildren. But I think often, it is reversed and they are the ones who teach us – about important things like playing in the dirt, searching for worms and other interesting insects, about being right there and enjoying that one moment.

Thank you, my three grandchildren…..for sharing your wisdom.