sunshine and blooms….

The other day we were working in the gardens and a couple drove in to the yard. They said they had come to see the garden, and especially to see the hydrangeas. Well, you could not imagine how happy I was to hear this. Someone had come to see our hydrangeas! That certainly made my day! Here are some of the blooms they saw that day!


The gardens survived

The gardens survived the hail, high winds, storms, and tornado warnings that we have had the last couple of weeks. I know some gardens in the city did not fair as well, but luckily at Wellspring, our gardens were spared.

Here is a walk through of what has been blooming the last two weeks. The colors have been tremendous.


Here in the garden

We are back here in the garden and it feels so good. Through this unprecendented time, I hope you have all been able to keep safe and healthy. Since Wellspring is unable to open this season, due to COVID-19, I will share images from the garden here, throughout the season, so that you will still be able to take a walk through the garden.

Take a deep breath…..and now, let’s start our walk…

IMG_5538 (1)