A Very Special Evening


Last night, Don and I attended a special evening at Wellspring Calgary, ‘Resilience and Hope’, with two incredible speakers, Barbara Cunnings-Versaevel (Wellspring Calgary Co-founder) and Sydney Cyngiser, holocaust survivor. It was an amazing evening, one I will not forget for a very long time. I felt the speakers pain and was humbled by their strength. Thank you to both Barbara and Sydney for sharing their personal journey with us. I came home inspired by their story of hope, of not giving up, of facing their adversities with honesty, compassion and strength.

A Thousand Thank you’s

20160818_100527Today we had a wonderful group of 11 volunteers from Homes by Avi, who spent the morning working in our gardens. The lawn has never looked so good! We had volunteers scrubbing and washing all of our yoga mats, deadheading the gardens and pots, sweeping and cleaning the deck, and weeding on their hands and knees! Homes by Avi – thank you for all of your work this morning. You are an amazing group! Thank you Olivia, Cindy, Carla, Kim, Joanne, Meagan, Terry, Rebecca, Samantha, Carrema and Nicole, as well as Laura, Don, Teresa and Nancy.

Muchas Gracias


Thank you to the wonderful group of volunteers that we had last week, deadheading, trimming and weeding the garden and lawn areas. The place looks better every week, thanks to all of you! A big thank you to Jose, Tina, Bola, Armel, Seyi, Christiane, Laura, Don, Teresa and Nancy. I am so grateful to you all!

The Gift of Volunteers

Wellspring Calgary, somehow, ALWAYS has the best volunteers in the world. And last week was no exception. We had the hard working group return from the  Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council.  Thank you to Chimezie, Chineme, Bola, Raymond, Khan and Dapo as well as Laura, Don, Nancy and Teresa. We appreciate all of your hard work and enthusiasm!IMG_0012


My sister Linda, came home for a family wedding and while she was here, she and my Mom spent time with me in the Wellspring gardens. When I look at the gardens, I remember how their hands lovingly cleaned the flower beds and deadheaded the flowers. With my whole heart, I say ‘thank-you’ to my dear family. Thank you for sharing your love with us.


IMG_2023 (1)

Thank you

Thank you to the wonderful group of volunteers from the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council, who came this week to help us pull those seemingly  “endless” tree seedlings from the garden and lawn areas. Thank you to Chimezie, Chineme, Himanshu, Ranjit, Bola, and Fermin as well as Laura and Don. You are all helping us make this world a better (and more beautiful!) place!