Thank you to our Heroes!

20171017_172603.jpgYesterday, as many of you know, Calgary and area was hit with extremely high winds. So high, that it caused power outages, wildfires in several areas east of the city, and caused glass to fall from one of the tall buildings downtown. So now that I have set the stage for the weather conditions yesterday, you will understand how this group of young people, who volunteered for us, in the high winds, were literally heroes.

Seven players from the HEROS program (Hockey Education Reaching Out Society) came  yesterday to help with our fall clean up. I understand they gave up one of their hockey afternoons to help us rake and bag leaves. It is so awesome seeing this young group,  giving back to the community – and they did this, under such extreme, windy and cold conditions.  (HEROS is a non-profit organization that utilizes the game of hockey to build skills in the sport itself and build a sense of community in economically challenged areas of cities throughout Canada. “Giving back” is an important part of their growth as they learn about other non-profit organizations through volunteerism. )

Thank you so much to our HEROES! Keep up your enthusiasm and volunteer spirit! (and enjoy your hockey game next week!)


As we approach our Canadian Thanksgiving, I am reminded of all the wonderful, amazing volunteers that have helped me over the growing season. I want to start with my husband, Don, who came all spring, summer and fall and helped with the soil preparations, helped me buy and transport all of the plants, planting, weeding, watering, and absolutely everything else that was needed all season long!  Thank you so much Don!

Thank you also to our enthusiastic and hard working volunteers from Encana – Vicy, Scott, Tyson, Craig, Jason, Patsy, Nyree, Liz, Adam, Mike, and Jasone. You helped us get so much work done! Thank you for giving up your Saturday morning to help us in the garden – Chimezie, Megan, Jaya and Chineme. It was always so fun having you join us! Thank you also to the amazing group from Stantec – Graham, Joshua, Janine, Rania, Vladi, and Alfred! I worked you so hard and I never heard one complaint. Joshua even looked after all of the twigs and branches and hauled them away in this truck! You are all amazing!

And a big, big thank you to my family who came to help us in the gardens – my Mom Chizuko, my sister Linda – thank you for all your hard work in deadheading and pruning the cotoneasters and barberry bushes. Linda worked hard pruning even while she was on vacation here! I cannot forget to thank my dear grandson Hendrix for helping us water the gardens, releasing 1000 live ladybugs into the garden, and harvesting our potatoes. You are already an amazing gardener! And to our sweet grand daughter, Poppy – thank you for gracing our gardens with your joy, for smelling all of our flowers (one of my favourite things to do too!) and for helping us with the potato harvest! I love you all!

Thank you also to Jaclyn, Laura, Bobbi, and Nancy for your help and assistance all summer and to all the front desk volunteers who kindly watered the pots all summer. You are all in my thoughts and prayers this Thanksgiving weekend – have a beautiful time with family and friends.

I am grateful to you all.
Much love



Thank you to the six wonderful and incredible Stantec volunteers who came to help us in the gardens on Monday. All six of you worked so hard – digging, sweating, weeding, pruning, and helping us ALL afternoon. It was back breaking work but you helped us complete all of the tasks in our preparations for winter.

Special thank you to Joshua for volunteering to take all of our branches and twigs and there were alot of them! Your truck was full of our branches and you helped so much by taking them to the recycle depot for us!

Thank you so much again to our great Stantec volunteers – Graham, Joshua, Janine, Rania, Vladi, and Alfred! All the best to all of you – it was great meeting you and we are grateful for the time and hard work you gave to all of us at Wellspring Calgary.

With gratitude
Sue Murphy








They are getting better with age…..

the sweetpeas, that is! They welcome everyone to Wellspring with their sweet aroma and gorgeous colours. How can we not love them? But we do. I can sit all day beside them, taking in their sweetness. And they are still with us and should be for a little while yet. So let’s enjoy them while they are here, as next month they will only be in our memories.

Thank you sweet peas for sharing your sweetness and beauty with us!


Russian Sage

The Russian Sage. Its lavender flowers sway in the breeze. It is tall, stately and becoming one of my favorite perennials. They are easy to grow, deer do not like them, and are drought tolerant once they are established, They have delicate spikes of flowers in a tall, upright plant (up to 4 feet) that blooms early summer to mid fall. They attract butterflies and give a beautiful, whimsical, airy feeling to the garden. They are delicate and give a wonderful, different texture to the garden. They stop me every time I walk by them in the garden. Next time you are at Wellspring Calgary, come to visit the Russian Sage – it is a beauty!