Two Special Volunteers


On Saturday, our gardens were blessed with two special people helping us weed, water and deadhead. Thank you Jaya and Chineme. We appreciate you spending your Saturday morning with us and making our gardens so beautiful for others to enjoy! You both were such hard workers and so FAST – it was hard keeping up with you!

Thank you Jaya and Chineme.

A Very Special July 22


After watering, deadheading and weeding in the gardens, we sat on the patio with my sister Baco and Jamie and had a wonderful visit amongst the flowers. It felt good to just sit and relax and enjoy their wonderful company. Two special people!

And then we received our phone call! Excitedly, we headed to the hospital to await our grandson’s birth! He was born at 6:12 pm and what can I say – he could not be more beautiful to us. Welcome dear Beckham!

One day I will bring you to the gardens!

With Our Grandson’s Help….

Last Saturday, we released 1000 live ladybugs in the garden to hopefully help with aphid control. Our grandson, Hendrix was our lead ladybug  distributor! He did a great job and carefully placed them throughout the garden. Thank you SO much Hendrix! Hopefully the ladybugs do their job and keep all the aphids out of the garden! Thank you also for watering the flowers and filling the watering cans. It was fun having you help us at Wellspring!





Two wonderful volunteers

IMG_9146Last Saturday, Don and I had two wonderful volunteers helping us in the gardens. Thank you to both Chimezie Uguru and Megan Oxland for giving up their precious Saturday morning to help us out. It is because of people like you, we are able to maintain the beauty of the gardens for everyone to enjoy! Thank you so much Chim and Megan!



They are growing!


IMG_8426The potatoes in a sack are growing….beautifully!

Next time you are at Wellspring, come and take a look at them! They are near the willow twig archway close to the parking lot. I am imagining the little potatoes growing in the sacks and cannot wait for their harvest!

Also blooming right now is the black iris ( it is absolutely gorgeous), the mock orange bush, and the clematis.






Potatoes in a Sack

We are trying something new this year – growing potatoes in a burlap sack! Thank you to Jennifer for her inspiration for this project and for the seed potatoes. Thank you also to Bobbi for the burlap sacks. Hope we have a successful harvest. It will be a fun experiment and i can’t wait to see how they grow and produce!

I grew up on a potato farm in southern Alberta, so it felt good to plant potato seeds once again.


Amazing Volunteers

At the end of May, Wellspring Calgary had the good fortune of having a group of 11 AMAZING volunteers from Encana helping us out in the gardens. They were an enthusiastic group, who all came with their sleeves rolled up, ready to help us with some very heavy garden work. What they did collectively in one afternoon, would have taken me the entire summer to accomplish so I am so grateful to each and every one of them. Thank you so much to the Encana volunteers Vicy, Scott, Tyson, Craig, Jason, Patsy,  Nyree, Liz, Adam, Mike, and Jasone. You were an incredible group and we accomplished SO much that day! Thank you so very much!

Thank you also to Wellspring volunteers Laura and Don for helping all afternoon and thank you Bobbi for taking all of these photos!